Agricultural planning provides overall planning, special planning and regional planning for all regions of the country. It mainly includes construction plan, project proposal, feasibility study report, industrial special planning, leisure agricultural park planning, agricultural theme park planning, new rural construction planning, leisure agriculture and folk tourism planning, new farm quality improvement planning and so on. Landscape design includes landscape design, ecological governance and restoration, ecological environment restoration, industrial landscape construction, characteristic town construction and urban outdoor space landscape quality improvement.
Leisure Agricultural Park, Urban Agricultural Park, Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Agricultural Industry Park, Ecological Circulation Agricultural Park, Comprehensive Agricultural Park, National Agricultural Park, Pastoral Complex, Agricultural High-tech Demonstration Zone, Modern Agricultural Industry Cluster, etc.
Agricultural Development Planning of City (County) Region, 13th Five-Year Plan of Agriculture of City (County) Region, Agricultural Development Planning of Area (Watershed), etc.
Characteristic industries, industry precision poverty alleviation, characteristic towns, leisure agriculture, rural tourism, facility agriculture, fruit industry, animal husbandry, agricultural products processing, agricultural products market (logistics), "Internet +" agriculture, rural electric business development plan, etc.”
Conceptual Planning, Master Planning, Detailed Planning, Scheme Planning, Thematic Planning, Feasibility Study Report, etc.